A Joint Development
The Composite Superstructure Concept is a joint venture between the shipyard Kockums AB (a member of ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems with more than 35 years experience of design and construction of composite ships), DIAB (a world leader in composite core materials and technology) and Thermal Ceramics (a division of Morgan Crucible that is a significant force in the world of fire protection and insulation systems). All three companies have been heavily involved in the multi-faceted, government-sponsored LASS project, the aim of which is to improve the efficiency of marine transportation through the usage of lightweight structures.

The group can guide and advise on any aspect of the structure - engineering, manufacturing methodology, fire protection or certification.

The Concept

The Composite Superstructure Concept is a high strength, lightweight sandwich composite construction system that comprises a structural core to which glass or carbon fibre skins are securely bonded using an industrialized and proven resin infusion process. A FireMaster fire insulation layer is then applied to the laminate to meet the SOLAS regulations.

By permutating the core and skin thicknesses, a fully integrated superstructure can be designed and engineered that exactly meets both the global and local loading conditions. Compound curves can be readily accommodated thereby achieving a smoother surface finish. In addition, the finished structure is virtually maintenance-free and is not subject to rust or corrosion. Similar benefits can also be achieved with other topside structures such as masts and funnels.
Savings & Benefits
The Concept is a very viable alternative to existing structures built from steel or aluminium. It allows much higher cargo volumes and/or significant fuel savings as a result of the substantial reduction in deadweight.

Recent LCC studies show that these savings can translate to an operational amortization period of less than a year. Furthermore, the specific reduction in superstructure weight improves vessel stability.

The Environmentally-Friendly Choice
The Composite Superstructure Concept is the environmentally-friendly choice. Detailed LCA studies show a better outcome than conventional steel or aluminium structures thereby resulting in a lower environmental impact. Click here to download the Composite Superstructure Concept brochure (607 kb).